How Men Can Walk Around Hip Fractures

March 19, 2014 in LifeCare Health Services

A long-term study finds that just a little walking each week can lower the risk of hip fracture for men over 50. The researchers report that the more a man walked, and the more briskly he walked, the lower the threat for hip fracture as he aged. For example, the results show that walking at least four hours per week decreased the risk of fracture by 43% in comparison to walking just one hour or less.

For this study, researchers collected and analyzed data over a 24 year span of close to 36,000 men. The participants filled out questionnaires every two years about their time walking and their pace: easy, average, or brisk. In addition, they were asked how often they performed other activities and how much time they spend sitting.

Physical activity builds bone and muscle and can also help with balance. Walking is a relatively safe and easy exercise that is popular among older adults. So get moving to prevent hip fractures!

Source: Feskanich D, Flint A, Willett W. Physical activity & inactivity and risk of hip fractures in men. American Journal of Public Health, Published online ahead of print February 13, 2014: e1-e7.

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