The Dementia Dog Project

December 19, 2013 in LifeCare Health Services

The Dementia Dog Project was started by students at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. When given the task of developing products for people with dementia, the students came up with the idea of training dogs to assist them. With the help of groups such as Dogs for the Disabled, their idea has become a reality.

Oscar the Golden Retriever and Kaspa the Labrador are the first two “dementia dogs.” After 18 months of training, these canines have been paired with their new team which also consists of a dementia or Alzheimer patient and a full-time caregiver. Oscar and Kaspa received training on things such as responding to alarms, retrieving medicine containers, and encouraging their owners to get out of bed each morning.

Because The Dementia Dog Project has been such a success, two more dogs are already in training to join in on the efforts.

For more information and to see more pictures, visit The Dementia Dog Project facebook page:

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